Escort Booking Steps

  1. Check out our website here: Visit the agency’s website and look through the escort profile. Select your escort then.
  2. Understand the costs and services: Check out the services provided and prices.
  3. Kindly contact us: Via WhatsApp or call +601125104754 to make arrangements.
  4. Verify the reservation: Provide us with all the details. Choose your selected escort name, time, booking packages, and in-call/out-of-hours booking option.
    – For Incall service: Please specify the time and package. For incall locations, please contact us.
    – For Outcall service: Provide details for the delivery location, such as the address or hotel name and the exact booking time. Select the package that you want. Delivery fees apply depending on location.
  5. All set for the meeting: Make sure you show up on time and at the agreed location. After meeting with the escort, you will need to pay within 10 mins. Enjoy your time with the escort girls when they arrive.

Note: We assume you know all the information on our website before making an escort reservation. Please avoid asking our operators about details as we have them already posted on our website. The details are all on our website. Our clients should read and consider it before scheduling an escort. The ideal time to make a reservation is 1-2 hours in advance of the same day. To avoid false appointments, there is a booking fee for advanced reservations for another day.

Cancellation: We cannot accept cancellations because we take our reservations very seriously. It could be difficult to make an appointment at the following time if you cancel one. Verify that there are no emergency matters that could cancel the appointment. Bookings should only be made when necessary.

Accepted payment methods:  We accept multiple methods of payment
Cash (MYR) or major foreign currencies ( USD, SGD, EUR, AUD, HKD, JPY, CNY, KRW, TWD, GBP, CHF, THB, VND, IDR, AED, CAD, CHF )
Instant online transfer (only Malaysian banks)
E-wallet ( Grabpay / TNG / Duit Now / Alipay / WeChat Pay )
Crypto ( BTC/USDT )

Before making a reservation, please let us know how you prefer to pay to avoid misunderstandings. Please be aware that online transfers from foreign or international banks are not accepted here.

Refund Policy: Regretfully, we do not provide refunds. But we can offer you another escort. Once the session begins, booking hours cannot be adjusted to a shorter duration. However, you can extend the booking hours whenever you’d like.

In need of assistance?

Call +601125104754 or send us a WhatsApp message.

Additional Information

Our business hours

Every day from 11 am to 4 am.

Multiple Escort service available

Our escort services are available for incalls and outcalls, social gatherings, parties, and companionship. Feel free to contact us and tell us what you want. It’ll be our pleasure to fulfill all of your dreams!

Is it possible to negotiate the escort fee?

That’s not possible. Rates are fixed and non-negotiable. The good news is our escort girls offer a “promo package” for long-hours bookings, so you don’t have to worry about paying a lot.

Can I talk to the girl escort before booking?

Unfortunately, no. Visit our specific location to see the escort in person. Maybe you have special requests. Let us know and we’ll forward them.

What's the expected arrival time for outcalls?

We usually have our escort arrive within 30 minutes for outcalls within Kuala Lumpur. In some cases, escorts may not arrive on time due to traffic or other unforeseen circumstances. In that case, we’ll let you know about the delay and give you an estimated arrival time. It’s our priority to make sure the escort arrives on time.

Do your escort girls undergone regular medical check up?

Of course. As a precaution, our girls undergo regular medical checkups to ensure they are clean and healthy.

What makes you different from other escort agencies?

Our escort agency is the largest and most experienced in Kuala Lumpur, committed to providing high-quality service at an affordable price. We’re also known for our high level of professionalism.

Should I prepare anything before I meet an escort?

Be sure you’ve got the right payment method and amount to pay the escort girl. Condoms will be provided.